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Shandong POP Jeans Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is specially established by ASPOP Group to develop intelligent manufacturing. The company was established on April 23, 2015 with a registered capital of RMB 33 million.Its main businesses are clothing personalized customization, clothing intelligent manufacturing consulting services, and technology output. It is the first enterprise in China to realize personalized intelligent manufacturing of all kinds of denim clothing. It is also the vice-chairman member of Zibo Industrial Internet Personalized Customization Innovation Alliance.

At present, POP Jeans Intelligence cooperates with Amazon, JD JZAO, Netease Koala, Netease Yan Xuan, BIYAO Mall, Xiaomi Mall, Suning Mall and other e-commerce companies in the Internet collaborative manufacturing mode, and sells customized clothing on its own POP Jeans customized platform.POP Jeans Intelligence started its business in multi marketing around the popular customization of "internet + Direct Selling" denim clothing, and carried out technological transformation from design, purchasing, sales, production and dispatching of intelligent production on the Internet.The company has realized a monthly production capacity of over 80,000 pieces.

During the special period of anti-epidemic COVID-2019 in spring 2020, based on our company's full-process customization mode, intelligent manufacturing transformation and ecological resource enabling mode, it realized the landing of protective clothing production line and mask production line within 3 days. It speeds up the anti-epidemic work for Zibo area. After the production transformation, our company obtained the first-class medical instrument on February 10, 2020. On February 26, 2020,the company entered the second-class medical device emergency review and approval channel approved by Shandong Provincial Drug Administration .The maximum daily output of disposable medical masks (non-sterile) is 500,000 pc, and 50000pc of disposable isolation gown. 

Corporate Culture


(1) Vision
Become a first-class company respected by customers

(2) Mission
Leading the Development of Industrial Civilization with Innovation

(3) Values
Focusing on customers, embracing changes, equality and respect, honesty and trustworthiness, courage to take responsibility and result orientation

(4) Spirit
Innovation: Be brave in self-revolution, self-innovation, dare to be the first, try and error, Innovation is the fundamental driving force for our progress.
Connections: Open boundaries, connect value networks, data sharing, technology sharing, equipment sharing, customer sharing, channel sharing
Empowerment: replace management with empowerment, organize internal empowerment, make responsibilities equal to rights, enable production of personalized products with needs, and enable full life cycle efficiency with algorithm empowerment
Win-win: create new technologies, new industries, new formats and new models, promote the development of related industries in an open, inclusive, inclusive, balanced and win-win direction

Honor and Qualification


"POP Jeans Intelligence" Intelligent Manufacturing Project Won the Pilot Demonstration Project of "Double Creation" Platform of Manufacturing Industry in 2017 by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology;
National Development and Reform Commission 2018 "internet+" Artificial Intelligence Innovation and Development Major Project Support Project;
The first batch of 450 major projects in the national new and old kinetic energy comprehensive test area are selected.

POP Jean's parent company ASPOP owns ASPOP Laboratory in the field of denim garment in China internet, Shandong Provincial Enterprise Technology Center, Shandong Provincial Engineering Laboratory and Shandong Provincial Public Creation Space.

Relying on POP Jeans Intelligent Manufacturing Project, ASPOP successively won the 2017 Shandong Province Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Project on 2017. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology 2018 Excellent Solution for Industrial Internet APP; In 2018, it was rated as a "internet+" major project by the National Development and Reform Commission. In 2018, it signed a contract with China Telecom Ideal Group to become a solution service provider for the clothing industry on the Internet platform of Yilian Industry. In 2018, it signed a contract with Haier Group to become a solution service provider for Haier COSMOPlat clothing industry. In 2018, the clothing digitalization solution won "the second prize of textile industry informatization achievement"; In 2019, Shandong Province "Modern Advantage Industrial Cluster+Artificial Intelligence" Pilot Demonstration Enterprises and Projects; Provincial industry internet platform award and compensation demonstration project in 2019.

On February 13, 2020, our company was recognized as a key production enterprise for isolation gown by the medical materials support group of the State Council.On February 24, 2020, our company was listed as a national key guarantee enterprise for epidemic prevention and control by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the National Development and Reform Commission . 

On February 18, 2020, Secretary Liu jiayi, head of the new crown pneumonia leading group of Shandong provincial party Committee secretary, came to the enterprise to have a detailed understanding of the resumption of production, check the digital intelligent production line and understand the production of epidemic prevention materials. secretary Liu jiayi pointed out that Shandong POP Jeans intelligent manufacturing co., ltd. actively changed production in the face of the epidemic and made positive contributions to the prevention and control of the epidemic.

At the same time, in order to ensure the effective control of the international epidemic, our company has applied for registration of FDA certification, CE declaration of conformity, COC customs clearance certificate and other qualifications, which can meet the export of epidemic prevention materials and continue to contribute to the global epidemic prevention.